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bite your tongue your tongue pt. I // prydewin


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couple canon o1.

prydewin: period blues

      — (  ` :: Pryde isn’t exactly the easiest person to get along with when she’s on her period. Her emotions run high and she has a tendency to snap at the smallest of things and while this does upset Winry from time to time, who better to understand than another woman? So she marks the date of each and every red tide on her calendar. In fact, the mechanic probably keeps better track of Pryde’s period than her own - all for the simple fact that she enjoys pampering her girlfriend the day of. That way when Pryde’s expecting it, she can also expect to wake up to a ‘surprise’ baked good each and every month. Winry likes to experiment in what she bakes, it can go from a plate full of brownies big enough to last a week or a triple layer chocolate cake with extra frosting. She’ll try to be adventurous in the kitchen, just so long whatever she’s making has enough chocolate to satisfy her baby.

commission by *ohlookitscazz

commission by *ohlookitscazz

rules & guidelines

Interested in a role play? I am too! To be honest, I’d like to attempt to role play with most of my followers, or at the very least, the ones who wish to role play with me. But like any other role player, I have a set of rules and guidelines one should know if you’d like to role play.

  • I’ll role play with ANY fandom! This includes all FullMetal Alchemist characters, Originals, and crossover characters. I don’t need to know what series your character comes from to role play with you! Sometimes it’s best that I’m as oblivious as Winry to keep her in character. But please do keep in mind, that this rule is “any fandom”, NOT“any person”. I have the right to deny a role play for whatever reason, please don’t hassle me about this. If I don’t like the way you represent your character, if you have an ill attitude toward me, or if you offend me in some way I will be the first to tell you. If you don’t like this rule, I’d suggest you stop here and turn back.
  • I don’t feel comfortable role playing with anyone too young. This by no means should offend someone, but if you’re under the age of nineteen, I’m going to feel a little awkward around you. I just turned twenty three this March and I prefer to role play with my own age group. Even if we’re not going to be rping out “romance”, it’s just…in general uncomfortable for me. This also goes for people much older than me as well. I know it’s a rarity, but I don’t want to be writing back and forth with a fifty year old, you know? Please don’t lie to me about this and please don’t give me a hard time either.
  • I WILL NOT DO “GREETER” ROLE PLAYS! I apologize for the caps lock, but please for the love of God, don’t tag me with a “losermachinejunkie has approached yourcharacterhere!!” I cannot take those role plays anymore. I can’t. If you tag me in them, I won’t respond. I can’t have Winry “lost” in another person’s world or bedroom again. I appreciate the urge to role play with me but quick introduction and small talk rps do nothing for me anymore. I wasn’t lying when I said I wanted to role play with all my followers, I do. But if you actually want to rp with me, then we’ll have to plot out a REAL role play together. A literate one in which the characters are put into an actual scenario and not a ‘you happened to stumble upon me in Hogwarts, hello there’.
  • “I want to role play with you as a romantic interest, but your Winry is taken”.Yes,Winry is taken by and married to my Pride (darkersideofyou) and this won’t change. She’s my first and foremost role play partner and I refuse to put my Winry in another romantic relationship, even in an alternate timeline. If this bothers you, I do apologize, but there’s a dozen more Winrys out there you can choose from. Additionally, this does NOT mean I won’t role play a friendship with you. Winry loves friends and having enemies is just as fun. There can be more than one relationship aside from the “romantic” type.
  • I’ll role play any version of Winry. If you have your heart set on a certain one, then please let me know. If you don’t tell me, or don’t care which I play, then I’ll be playing a mixed-dimension Winry, her age spanning from 19 years old to 25 years old. What do I mean by mixed dimension? Simply a mixture of both the 2003 anime and Brotherhood, more information about that can be found here.
  • Who are Aiden, Leo, Rosie and Sara? They’re Pride and Winry’s ‘future’ children! Sometimes I’ll role play an extra older version of Winry with one of the kids, but just know that when you see them running around they’re from a different timeline. Honestly, my Pride and I had never planned on making them have children - but one amazing role player actually wanted to play their kids! Can you believe it? I certainly couldn’t. So if you see their names being tossed around, that’s who they are and where they came from. They won’t touch any other RP I have besides the one I’m in with them, so don’t worry. I’m not going to greet your character as Momma Win unless that’s, again, what your preference is.
  • My Winry is familiar with the trolls from Homestuck (and other ‘odd’ characters). What do I mean by ‘odd’? That’s simple. Aside from trolls, I’m referring to talking lions and sponges. Characters who claim to be demons’ or ‘greek gods’. Winry’s met a large variety of people and she’s not going to be that shell shocked anymore when she sees a character coming up to her with horns. I mention Homestuck above all else, because Winry’s had a close relationship with many of the trolls. But she’s also talked to Kiara and Simba a few times, and one person can only gasp so much when an animal begins to talk to you. If you would like Winry to be surprised, then by all means, I’ll play it. But on the off chance we greet one another without plotting, please don’t be disappointed.
  • Alternate Universes? Love them. Absolutely 100% love them. I actually used run a few groups dedicated to them, which possibly one day I’ll bring back. Or maybe you want to do strictly series-related? That’s awesome too! Throw any ideas at me. I love well, thought out plots! If you want to know the secret of winning my roleplaying heart that’s it.
  • Will you smut, can I expect nsfw material on your blog? Yes, you will find smut,nsfw posts, and potential sensitive topics here. I’m aware certain subjects can be triggering to certain people, which is why anything with the slightest sensitivity will be tagged. I assure you even side-boobs will have “#nsfw” beneath them.  But please do know I enjoy dark plots as much as I enjoy fluff plots, so as time goes on, I might have topics come up in my role plays like non-consensual sex, torture, murder, etc and if you don’t like it, I do believe there’s a button you can click to avoid it. I want to stress that this is my blog and I’m not going to have others tell me how to run it.
  • I didn’t scare you away and you still want to role play? Well that makes me super happy, I’m glad to role play with anyone who’s patient with me and puts up with my delayed replies. Just send me an ask and we can talk about a plot and starters! Then I’ll make you your own little icon like below so we can track our tags and you can check back to see who has to reply! Simple enough, right?
Never be afraid to ask me any questions! I’m sure I missed something vital. I really am a friendly person and I like to befriend those I role play with - my ask box is always open ~


  • I do not own Winry Rockbell or any of the images I reblog, post, or use as icons. Even if I make said icons, I do NOT own the images!
  • Images I do own will be labelled as ‘commissions’ or ‘gifts’. Those belong to the artist who drew them and me. Seriously. If I see you taking and using any of them, I’ll be hella pissed - I paid real money for most of those and the ones I didn’t were gifts from the heart that mean a lot to me. You can find all my commissions / gifts here.
  • I have a lot of alternate universes with Winry, I do own those ideas. So please don’t mimic them.
  • With that all being said, despite not ‘owning’ anything, again unless stated otherwise, please, PLEASE don’t take anything from this blog. That includes icons I made, that were made for me, my plot ideas, my commissions, my headcanons, my anything. I will call you out on it and I won’t always be nice, depending on the mood you catch me in. If you want to use something, ask. It’s the polite thing to do and don’t be offended if I say no, depending on what you’re asking me to borrow.
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Was he… being pitied? For real? Scraping his throat, Greed tried to clear the uncomfortable atmosphere swiftly. It seemed like some things were getting boggled up or forgotten, and… well, he didn’t like being pitied.

All he’d lost were some possessions after all.

"I’m over 200 years old, sweet pea. People die by that age. Besides, if I mourned them rather than celebrating them their life wouldn’t be valuable any more.”

The offer of dinner, though, he wasn’t sure how to decline. On one hand, free things. On the other, she knew Homunculi could eat, technically speaking, but he never wanted to admit he botched up his stomach lining with a layer of carbon.

"… If the offer still stands, though, I’ll accept." God damn internalized greed.

     ▬ | ` :: “Can you refrain from calling me sweat pea?”

Already, she was beginning to regret her invitation to dinner. Winry could barely stand a two minute conversation with the man, how would she be able to handle him all night long? But…it was for Pride. She just had to keep reminding herself, it was for Pride. She needed to make a great effort in getting to know what little friends he had and then, hopefully, he would grow comfortable enough in his social skills he could make better ones. It was only a passing thought, but the mechanic still managed to feel a small pang of guilt from it. Maybe she was being a little unfair to Greed - cruel, even, by judging him so harshly.

Two hundred years of life could have a strong affect on a person, after all.

Might…might as well give him a chance, right? The blond’s nose wrinkled at the thought, the only thing drawing her out of her own mind being Greed’s response. He—- he actually wanted to come? That was…surprising. Winry had already braced herself for some snarky retort about not needing the company or how he could find better food some place else. “…good then, it’s settled. You’re staying for dinner—” Blue hues zeroed in on the fur around his neck, “But you’re taking that off. I have a no dead animals at the table rule.”

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Some weird red marks showed up on my hand. One looks like a little bite and the other looks like a kitty sized scratch in a set of four.

I don’t remember doing anything, but then again I’m hazy as heck. There’s no sign of skin breakage but it’s been there for a good few hours now.

ooc; I get those very often. Sometimes I can just be sitting there and I’ll watch them appear without anything or anyone touching them. I like to think ghosts, but cough. I don’t want to get bit so. I went to a skin doctor for it specifically and she said ‘rashes and hives’. Though I don’t exactly believe her either. I’ve chalked it up to my body being odd.

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         Not a look was spared to Winry at first, his mind too busy considering the possibility of new clothes—what they might feel like. What he was wearing at the moment was just fine, it blended into his flesh and could regenerate when he did. That navy rag he bothered to wear over his chest was even gone now. Now, he looked proper—for a sin, at least. Silence was his easiest form of communication, along with an aloof observation and the way he followed them about without a word.

      Alphonse was gone from this house now—he didn’t know where he had gone. Aside from Winry, he was the only other person that piqued his interests. This was possibly because they had the relation to Sloth, or every time they’ve faced off while he was under the grand-mother’s orders.

     The sin flinched when she chided him about the polishing. Violet optics glided to meet those kind cerulean pools. Even when she was irritated, there was something comforting about looking her in the face. No apology came from him, but rather an intent stare until she broke eye contact. Listening to her more ought to serve him well. It would make things easier without those long-drawn out maintenance checks and lectures. Quietly, he spoke. “Understood.”

     ▬ | ` :: The lack of apology didn’t bother her, nor did his stares. Perhaps if this had been five, six years ago when she wasn’t accustomed to a quiet homunculus, the silence would start to eat away at her, but after a while it was something you got used to. In fact, when Pride wasn’t staring at her with that blank, but emotional, look in his eyes, she automatically assumed something was wrong. Why would Wrath be any different? The child was a child no longer as much as it pained her to say. Who knows what he could have experienced on his own, what their ‘mother’ could have put him through. Winry wanted to ask, lips going so far as to part and start to ask but she quickly silenced herself. No, it was better not to pry. If the boy wanted to tell her, then he would tell her in time and when he felt she deserved to know.

     ”Thank you,” It was huffed out, nose wrinkling as the blond gave a firm nod to back up her attitude. She had no problems locking Wrath away in her work shop for an hour or two, discussing and lecturing in great detail every reason why oiling your automail was so important. She considered that to be a well deserved punishment, simply because she would never throw a wrench at him. Regeneration or not, it mattered very little to her. He wasn’t a homunculus in her eyes, he was that little boy, terrified and sobbing for his mother. And unfortunately for the sin, Winry would probably treat him as such for a very long time.

     ”There should be some extra clothes upstairs,” A hand waved through the air, motioning him to follow her up the steps. She entered the first room to the right, automatically throwing the closet door’s open in hopes something in just his size would stand out to her but no luck. Pride was three sizes too big for Wrath, so they would have to make due - for now. “Hm,” Winry murmured to herself, fingers touching each shirt to inspect, tug and size it up with her eyes. “We’re probably going to have to buy some—-but maybe this?” She pulled out a short, white shirt and held it to the young man’s body. “Still too big, but it’ll have to do for now.”


 } — ; She didn’t often show it, not quite sure how, but Amelia appreciated everything Winry did for her—she knew she wasn’t the easiest person to get along with or talk to considering she kept everything to herself but Winry tried and she stayed. She let Winry in to the best of her ability while still keeping her at an arm’s length, at least when it came to herself. With Winry, Amelia was always eager to know everything: how she was feeling, what she was doing, how everything was gone. The girl tried so hard to be her friend.

     Amelia needed to make sure to get her a special gift this year. Her face softened and she even managed a smile as she admitted her small confession. “A scythe? Jeez, talk about a convention gift.” Amelia teased slightly, though she knew the troubles of gifting for a homunculus. It was nigh impossible. But Pride was a little easier, he was so new and so curious. “What about Pryde?” she questioned, “This is her first Christmas, isn’t it? You can’t get them the same thing either, that might be a little offensive.”

     She paused for a minute, pursing her lips. “Not really, no. I’m a little late this year. I’ve been distracted…” but she did have people to buy for—a few more than she had last year which was a little warming. “I’m also a little stumped on the gift front so let’s work together.”


     ▬ | ` :: “A convention gift? Amelia, really—”

     Her brows furrowed at the brunette, attempting to stare her down but it didn’t last for long. She was right, making someone a scythe for their ‘birthday’ was extremely odd. No one in the military used such a weapon, and if Winry was being completely honest with herself, she had modeled it after a design she found in a comic book so ‘convention gift’ was pretty darn accurate. But she figured - if Pride would ever get in trouble, who would he get in trouble with? The military? Perhaps, but that was unlikely. Mister Mustang wasn’t exactly a ‘friend’ of hers, but after Edward’s disappearance, he had made a valiant effort to be a part of her life as a protector of sorts. Most likely from the guilt he felt toward failing Edward and Alphonse’s mission, but she allowed him to come visit whenever he wished. He knew about Pride, for the most part. Again, Winry had no idea what his true feelings were, but he wouldn’t harm her husband.

   No, it wasn’t people the blond had to worry about. It was his ‘siblings’ and whoever controlled them. They weren’t human, so it made sense to build him something humans didn’t use…right?

     Obviously she was putting way too much thought into the subject, giving a quick shake of her golden locks to focus. A present—-oh crap. Blue eyes widened as Amelia threw out Pryde’s name, the new born homunculus who fell into her lap only a few weeks prior. That’s right! How could she be such an idiot and forget? This was her first Christmas, her first holiday, she had to make it as special as possible. “What am I going to do for her!?” It was practically squeaked, the horror rising in her face. It didn’t matter if Amelia offered her assistance, it had to be the best Christmas ever for the two of them. They couldn’t receive the same gifts, but it had to be equal in thought, time and money so neither would feel left out.

   ”R—right,” She hung her head, waiting for Amelia to join her on the sidewalk before linking their arms together. “I’m sure we’ll find some great gifts—-or at least inspire each other to have some great ideas!” Or so she hoped. Might as well start in the mall and make their way around town as they go, they were bound to think of something, weren’t they?